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BARRIER table covers

Table cover drape

The BARRIER range of table covers are made of strong and durable materials that provide resistance and reliable quality. The impermeable layer provides protection against strike-through and bacterial transfer through the table cover. Reinforced table covers with extra resistant material, provides extra strength and absorption for demanding procedures.


BARRIER equipment drapes

C-arm drape

The surgical equipment drapes are intended to be used as protective equipment covering and to create a sterile field for a surgical procedure.

BARRIER equipment drapes provide a flexible, transparent and sterile draping solution for equipment in the operating room.


BARRIER incise films

Incise film

BARRIER incise films act as barriers between the patient's skin and the wound. This provides a sterile surface around the wound edges from the start and throughout the surgical procedure to minimize the spread of micro-organisms. Incise film also protect the skin surface from scratching and from damage caused by surgical instruments and retractors. In addition they help to keep other draping material in place.

BARRIER incise films adhere well to skin while remaining gentle to the skin during surgery and on removal. Good breathability prevents moisture build-up. They are flexible with good drapability and appropriate finger lifts makes it easy to apply even in more delicate areas. The transparency of the films enable visibility to judge skin condition before doing the incision and easy to cut through.

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