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Dedicated to new beginnings

Every patient deserves the best possible start after surgery.




up to 41%

of orthopaedic patients can suffer from post-operative blisters caused by dressings 

More than
9.7 days

extra spent in hospital as a result of SSI's in post-op patients  


additional costs for patients who acquire an SSI  




The importance of a risk assessment

Every patient is unique, and their surgery is no different. At Mölnlycke we recognise that risk assessment is a fundamental part of establishing the needs of a patients care pathway; pre, intra and post-op. When risk changes, the care should too.

Whether it’s an advanced wound dressing or negative pressure wound therapy, our Risk Assessment Tool helps you define the care that patients need, based on their individual risk factors.

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We focus on optimal patient recovery
Mepilex border post-op used on chest area

Our goal with Mölnlycke Incision Care Solutions is to give patients the best chance of recovery, without complications. Our Mepilex® Border Post-Op dressing with Safetac® technology and our negative pressure device for closed surgical incisions, Avance Solo, together with our Risk Assessment Tool, enables targeted treatment choices to be made based on patient need, rather than taking a generic approach to recovery  .

Find our more about Avance Solo      Find out more about Mepilex Border Post-Op

Better never stops

Our goal is to redefine what good incision care looks like. We’re committed to constantly improving our offer to ultimately better aid recovery and lower the risk for patients. You and your team play a key role in helping to ensure recovery starts right too. Listen to our podcasts with Rhidian Morgan-Jones and hear about the impacts of using cheap dressings with high-risk orthopedic surgery, or learn more about the importance of risk assessment in closed incision care.

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