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Restore legs
Resume lives 


Reducing suffering and improving quality of life

Leg ulcers are a distressing condition, with implications going beyond the wound itself. If not cared for correctly, they can lead to complications for patients and become a burden for the healthcare system.

Together we can restore legs and resume lives


of the population and 3%
of people over 80 years
of age in westernized
countries are affected
by leg ulcers  .

50 - 60%

of leg ulcerations
comprise of venous leg
ulcers, making them the
most common   .

Life with leg ulcers

Leg ulcers can have physical,
psychological and social
repercussions for patients.

A step by step program supporting healing, reducing complications and maximising treatment outcomes

It is important that time is invested in staff training and education to ensure that correct assessment is performed, an accurate diagnosis is made and an appropriate individual treatment plan is developed.

Wound Support app
Mölnlycke Wound support
What if you could have instant access to support for wound-related decision-making along with suggestions for dressing selection and products?

Now you can.
With the new and easy-to-use Mölnlycke® Wound Support tool, support is just a tap away on your mobile or tablet.

  • Product-selection support
  • Guidance on treatment and considerations
  • Easy access to knowledge base.

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