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The importance of saving time
Total time savings with and without ProcedurePak®

Al Wakra Hospital (AWH) is a public hospital, opened in 2012 to serve the rapidly growing towns of Al Wakra and Mesaieed. It was designed, built and equipped with the necessary staff to serve the diverse needs of the growing population in the southern regions of Qatar.

With more than 3,000 employees, including 217 doctors working across multiple medical specialities, the hospital provides a comprehensive range of high-quality healthcare services for individuals of all ages, from emergency care to internal medicine, surgery and other specialized treatment services. AWH has an estimated capacity of 325 beds, including 248 beds for general and acute patients, 77 beds for critical and intensive care and burns patients. There are also 77 short-term-stay and beds for observation.

More time to focus on patients

Thanks to Mölnlycke® ProcedurePak® trays, the full surgical workflow gains improvements and time savings for each surgical case. From the reduction in internal order and delivery time to optimising stock management, the OR supply chain is significantly simplified and streamlined. This enables time savings of 15 to 20 minutes per surgical intervention, which allows for increased OR utilisation. Time savings equals improved OR capacity, opening the door for a greater number of procedures and surgical care for more patients.

At AWH, the time savings also adds up to higher productivity overall. Each case sees a decreased cost of 50 Qatari riyal (QR). With an average number of procedures equalling 200-250, the hospital potentially saves approximately 120,000-150,000 QR yearly.

Increased safety and peace of mind
Reduction in individual packages

In an era when infection prevention and contamination control is a bigger concern than ever before, customised procedure trays offer additional support in reducing contamination risks.

By handling and opening fewer packages, the contamination risk is reduced significantly, helping to prevent surgical site infections (SSI).

Fewer errors, reduced waste, reduced risk = Better staff satisfaction

Mölnlycke® procedure trays are built to meet the 'one-size-does-not-fit-all' needs of individual hospitals, enabling customised tray configurations and easy ordering options through an online portal.

With Mölnlycke®, AWH has reduced the number of picking errors and scrapping costs, which in turn reduces waste and creates fewer risks during surgery prep. Staff satisfaction has been improved with ProcedurePak®, as time is saved by easing daily assignments.

Expectations exceeded

For AWH, the ProcedurePak® Value Report outcomes exceeded expectations of the end users (OT nurses) and aligned with expectations for patient safety.

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