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Partial thickness burns
Skin graft fixation

For deep dermal burns, a combination of excision and grafting is generally preferred (Orgill, 2009). Patients with deep dermal burns often suffer from pain and anxiety, hence optimal dressing selection for both graft and donor sites is key.

Poster title: Clinical investigation of the performance and safety of a soft silicone wound contact layer containing silver in the treatment of skin grafts and a soft silicone transfer dressing containing silver in the treatment of donor sites in surgical burn patients. Poster, SAWC Spring 2017

Author: Paul Glat et al.

study that demonstrates safety and efficiancy of Exufiber
Donor site management

Donor site wounds can be challenging as these newly created wounds are likely to cause additional pain and/or scarring to the patient. Selecting a suitable dressing for donor site wounds is essential for their management.

Poster title: An open, non-comparative, post-market clinical follow-up investigation to confirm performance and safety of Exufiber® when used as intended on donor sites 

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