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We go to work to revolutionise care for people and planet

The healthcare system of today is no longer sustainable. Healthcare workers are suffering from depression and anxiety  , and may leave the profession as a result. Hospital managers are under immense pressure to deliver the right care to the right patients with fewer resources. At the same time hospitals are expected to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission footprint and improve circularity, in a sector thought to be responsible for 4-5% of global GHG emissions. These demands may impact patient outcomes for the worse   .

Our vision of sustainable healthcare

We envision a future where people enjoy optimal health and wellbeing, where health systems operate in an efficient and responsible manner, at minimal cost to the environment, and where healthcare professionals feel fulfilled. To achieve this vision of sustainable healthcare, a holistic approach is required that considers the environmental, social, and economic aspects of care delivery, and where patients are empowered to take responsibility for their own health and care.


Partner with us to achieve sustainable healthcare

Partner with Mölnlycke to help achieve your future vision of healthcare within your healthcare/local ecosystem - where people enjoy optimal care, healthcare staff feel fulfilled, and there is minimal impact on the environment.

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