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Before and after
The recreation of Maria Koijck’s artwork was done primarily for illustrative purposes and is as such not based on scientific evidence. Therefore, we can neither claim nor report the amount of waste that would have been reduced in this particular case. Nonetheless, to provide a relevant visual representation of the result, we have tried to make our recreation as honest and true to reality as possible.
In our recreation film, we claim that the ProcedurePak solution can reduce surgical packaging waste by up to 90%. The evidence supporting that claim, along with other benefits of our customised procedure trays, can be found in this report
What happened to the waste from the recreation?
All contaminated perioperative waste acquired and used have been disposed of adequately, according to hospital practice. Non-contaminated single-use instruments from the Mölnlycke procedure tray have been collected to be used for training purposes.
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