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Fresh take on wound care

The longer a wound remains undisturbed, the better chance it has of healing without complication.

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Undisturbed wound healing

Undisturbed wound healing centres around the idea that it is key to allow the body to handle the majority of the wound healing process itself, after good wound bed preparation  .


The alternative approach is to change dressings frequently – sometimes even daily – which not only interrupts the healing process, but increases the risk of contamination  , and can cause unnecessary pain and trauma to the patient compared with undisturbed healing. Whilst undisturbed healing is not appropriate for every patient and every type of wound, we do believe it offers a compelling starting point when questioning whether existing dressing change protocols are fit for purpose.

Change can be difficult, but we are here to help every step of the way. We provide the products, the training and the real life reference – what we need is your expertise and understanding to champion change and help your facility to rethink wound care.

Join Dr. Tod Brindle, Dot Weir, and Karen Edwards in this webinar about Undisturbed wound healing and the impact of leaving a dressing in place can have on the patient, the wound, the practitioner, and the costs.

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Stays on, uniquely conforms

To change protocols, and support undisturbed healing, you need a dressing that stays on as long as you need it to. Mepilex® Border Flex is not only designed to stay on and uniquely conform thanks to proprietary Flex technology, it also features smart exudate management – maintaining a moist healing environment, whilst avoiding the risk of maceration. Finally, Mepilex Border Flex features Safetac® soft silicone for gentle dressing changes, reducing pain and damage to skin          . The Mepilex® Border Flex family is designed to offer a solution at every stage of wound healing. 

Designed to conform and stay on: Thanks to Flex Technology, the unique conformability of Mepilex® Border Flex allows it to adapt to the shape and movement of the patient  . Reducing pressure on the skin and pull on the borders increases comfort and minimises the risk of detachment  . And it’s water resistant so your patients can shower  . 

Smart exudate management: Giving you confidence to leave the dressing on for longer and still maintain an optimal wound healing environment. 

Reduced pain and damage to the skin: All Mepilex® Border Flex dressings seek to reduce trauma caused by dressing changes. This is made possible by our proven Safetac® soft silicone wound contact layer, which minimises pain and damage to the skin and risk of maceration compared with traditional (adhesive) dressings      .

Dressings for all stages of healing: Designed to offer a solution at every stage of wound healing.

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Exufiber® range: transfers efficiently**, removes cleanly

Highly exuding and cavity wounds can be challenging to treat, and painful and worrying for patients. Getting the conditions right for healing is essential. This means a moist environment, without excess exudate. A clean wound bed, undisturbed by slough, residue or debris. And preventing biofilm reformation, which can be a barrier to healing. 

A fresh take on chronic wounds

The Exufiber® range offers a fresh take on the challenges of highly exuding and cavity wounds. The next generation Exufiber® dressings help to create an optimal healing environment and reduce the risk of leaks, which means they can be left in place with confidence for up to seven days*. This promotes undisturbed healing, and can reduce nursing time and costs.

Transfers exudate: Exufiber® dressings transfer exudate efficiently from the wound bed to the secondary dressing, locking it in to reduce the risk of pooling, leakage and maceration    . They can be left in place for up to seven days*, allowing undisturbed healing    .

Supports a clean wound bed: Residues and debris left in the wound can trigger a foreign body response, and disturb healing  . Exufiber® dressings help to break down slough by promoting autolytic debridement  . They can also be relied upon to stay intact both during use and at removal      .

Prevents biofilm reformation: Biofilms are present in almost all chronic, non-healing wounds and their presence may prevent healing  . Exufiber® Ag+ is shown to reduce biofilm bacteria and prevent reformation in vivo***    .

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*Exufiber® and Exufiber® Ag+ can be left in place for up to seven days, depending on wound condition and clinical practice. In addition Exufiber® can be left in place for up to 14 days for donor sites.
**For Exufiber® Ag+, when exposed to a flow rate of 0.6ml/h at 40 mmHg pressure for up to seven days  
*** As part of a holistic biofilm management approach as per international guidelines (i.e. cleansing, debridement & reassessment)  
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