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Prevent the temperature drop
EasyWarm active, self-warming blanket makes pre-warming easy


Designed to follow the patient throughout the entire surgical journey – from the pre-surgical stage through post-op recovery, the EasyWarm® self-warming blanket is a versatile solution that can easily be implemented into the surgical patient pathway in any hospital. The EasyWarm self-warming blanket provides a convenient patient-warming solution that can be used by perioperative teams before, during and after surgery to counteract the risk of patient hypothermia. With its active self-warming technology, it does not require an external power source, meaning it can be easily deployed; and can stay with the patient after surgery to reduce postoperative shivering.

EasyWarm is a conductive warming device, which NICE has highlighted in its latest guidance as less likely to cause surgical site infections than forced-air warming (FAW) devices which are more likely to disrupt the air flow around surgical sites   . A 2019 study found that EasyWarm self-heating blankets offer a near identical performance in heating patients compared to a forced-air warming (FAW) blanket Cocoon, while having major advantages, such as reducing clutter in the operating theatre and trip hazards due to the absence of electrical or other cords  . EasyWarm’s technology avoids possible complications, as it does not use forced air-warming, while offering an easily integrated solution to the existing patient journey.

EasyWarm: Practical details

With many patient warming solutions, there are practicality questions – are they safe? Do they require electricity? At which stage in the perioperative journey can it be used? As described, EasyWarm offers all its clinical benefits alongside convenience, ease of use and safety.

Easy, safe, immediate warmth

The EasyWarm blanket is practical, easy to use and suitable for the entire patient journey. It reaches operational temperature within 30 minutes of activation and maintains this temperature level for up to ten hours, making it ideal for reducing the initial drop in core body temperature prior to and during surgery, and a useful post-operative solution for keeping patients warm and comfortable.

EasyWarm setup

Setting up the EasyWarm® or EasyWarm+ blanket is quick and easy    . Simply open the vacuum packaging and unfold the blanket. No additional equipment is necessary. The blanket begins warming immediately once removed from packaging.

Learn more about how to set up and use EasyWarm.


When and how EasyWarm can be used

EasyWarm has been designed for use before, during and after surgery. It helps prevent the initial temperature drop and keep patients comfortable as well as impede the onset of intraoperative hypothermia. Because there is no need for additional equipment and portable, EasyWarm can easily be made available for more patients     – and patients can keep their blanket throughout the perioperative period to maintain warmth throughout. It’s also noiseless because it doesn’t require additional equipment, electricity or anything more than the blanket itself  .

How does EasyWarm work?

Heat from the single-use self-warming EasyWarm blanket is generated by an exothermic chemical reaction that happens when the blanket is unfolded and exposed to air, resulting from the oxidation of iron. The warmers in the blanket are all-natural: activated carbon, iron, water, salt, clay and chemicals. These warming pads are all securely contained within the blanket in 12 separate pockets. The pockets are designed and positioned to provide the maximum heat transfer in the most efficient manner to reach operational temperature optimally and distribute heat evenly to the patient.



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