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Mepilex Ag treatment on wound

Burns, their management and associated challenges:

  • Many challenges associated with burn management, including
    slow wound healing, infection, pain, contractures and
    hypertrophic scarring.
  • Reducing the risk of infection is considered to be the highest

Silver as a topical antimicrobial agent:

  • Ionised silver is an appropriate topical antimicrobial for the
    prevention of acute infection in individuals at increased risk, to
    treat localised wound infection and, in conjunction with systemic
    antibiotics, to treat local spreading or systemic wound infection.
  • Silver is recommended as a topical antimicrobial agent for burns
    by the International Wound Infection Institute.

Mepilex® Ag:

  • Indicated for use on a variety of different wound types including
    partial-thickness burns, with low-to-medium exudate levels,
    where management of infection risk is required.
  • Strong evidence base supporting its effectiveness, both in terms
    of healing and associated cost benefits.
  • The soft silicone wound contact layer is designed to help
    minimise wound and peri-wound trauma and associated pain.

Clinical evidence:

  • Seven randomised controlled trials (RCTs); outcomes reported
    include healing/time to healing, pain assessment, infection, scar
    outcome, cost-effectiveness, patient and clinician perspectives.
  • In the majority of these studies, Mepilex Ag was associated with
    faster times to healing/re-epithelialisation, reduced pain, fewer
    dressing changes and faster dressing change time, significant
    and measurable cost-savings, savings of other resources (e.g.
    analgesics due to reduced pain and reduced staff time), overall
    ease of use, and patient and clinician satisfaction, compared to
    the comparator dressing regimens utilised in the studies. Where
    studied, scar quality outcomes were positive for Mepilex Ag.

Mepilex Ag has consistently delivered good clinical and health economic outcomes when compared to a variety of other wound care products, such as silver-containing topical preparations, silver-containing dressings, and semi-biological dressings, when used for the management of partial-thickness burns, in both adults and children.

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